Our job is to help you do yours. Capsa Healthcare is built upon a 50-year foundation of experience and innovation designed to improve the organization, efficiency, and accuracy of healthcare providers. We strive to elevate your performance by offering innovative solutions that positively impact clinical effectiveness and enhance medication management processes throughout all healthcare environments.

Formed through the integration of Capsa Solutions, Rubbermaid Healthcare, and Kirby Lester, our complementary expertise and experience creates a new leadership standard in the critical areas of medication management, healthcare IT, and pharmacy automation. Today, we are focused on the delivery of healthcare into tomorrow. You can find Capsa Healthcare products in an array of care environments including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, pharmacies and ambulatory care centers around the world.

Our Mission

Capsa Healthcare develops and manufactures Point-of-Care Workstations, Medication Management Solutions, and Pharmacy Automation Systems that elevate our customers' performance by understanding their challenges and offering high-quality, integrated solutions.

Our Vision

Our customers recognize us as number one among our peers for the products, quality, and overall service we deliver.

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